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5 Day Training

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Course Introduction

Our comprehensive Advanced Microsoft Office – all-in-one course is designed to enhance your proficiency across a range of powerful applications. This course is tailored to equip you with advanced skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Teams, SharePoint, and Office Macros. Whether you’re an IT professional, developer, database administrator, business analyst, project manager, or an experienced user looking to optimize your workflow, this course will provide you with the tools and techniques you need to excel.

Course Objectives

  1. Proficiency in Microsoft Word:

  • Create and format professional documents, including advanced formatting techniques.

  • Efficiently collaborate on documents, track changes, and use mail merge for mass communications.

  • Generate complex documents with features like tables of contents, footnotes, and endnotes.

  1. Advanced Data Management and Analysis Skills in Excel:

  • Utilize advanced functions and formulas for data manipulation and analysis.

  • Employ data validation and conditional formatting for data integrity.

  • Create pivot tables and charts to summarize and visualize data effectively.

  • Perform advanced data sorting, filtering, and subtotalling for efficient data management.

  1. Advanced Presentation Skills with PowerPoint:

  • Design visually appealing presentations using slide layouts, themes, and animation effects.

  • Incorporate multimedia elements such as audio, video, and interactive features.

  • Customize slide shows and deliver presentations confidently.

  1. Efficient Email and Calendar Management with Outlook:

  • Manage and organize emails effectively, utilizing advanced filtering, rules, and automation.

  • Optimize task management and reminders within Outlook.

  • Share calendars and schedule meetings efficiently.

  • Customize Outlook settings to improve productivity.

  1. Notetaking and Collaboration with OneNote:

  • Organize notes into notebooks, sections, and pages for efficient information management.

  • Employ advanced note-taking techniques and formatting options.

  • Collaborate and share notebooks with colleagues effectively.

  • Integrate OneNote with other Microsoft applications for seamless workflow.

  1. Streamlined Communication and Collaboration with Microsoft Teams:

  • Create and manage teams for effective collaboration.

  • Utilize channels, chats, and video meetings for streamlined communication.

  • Share and collaborate on documents within Teams.

  • Employ task management and planner integration for efficient project management.

  1. Advanced File Management and Collaboration with SharePoint:

  • Create and manage SharePoint sites and libraries.

  • Implement document versioning and co-authoring.

  • Access and share files securely from anywhere.

  • Customize SharePoint sites for improved productivity.

  1. Automation of Tasks with Microsoft Office Macros:

  • Understand the basics of macros and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

  • Record and edit macros to automate repetitive tasks.

  • Create custom functions and subroutines for enhanced efficiency.

  • Automate data processing and report generation

Who should attend?

  • IT Professionals: Those working in IT support or administration who want advanced knowledge of various Microsoft applications for system management.

  • Developers: Individuals interested in advanced features of Microsoft development tools or platforms.

  • Database Administrators: People working with advanced features of Microsoft databases and related tools.

  • Business Analysts: Those needing in-depth knowledge of advanced functionalities within Microsoft applications for data analysis and reporting.

  • Project Managers: Individuals looking to enhance their project management skills using Microsoft’s advanced project management tools.

  • Experienced Users: People already familiar with Microsoft applications but seeking advanced techniques or features to optimize their work.

Microsoft office courses

Training Methodology

Our diverse instructional approaches ensure effective learning:

– Lectures & Presentations: Engage with expert-driven, stimulating content.
– Course Material: Access well-crafted supporting resources.
– Group Work: Collaborate on discussions and case studies for practical insights.
– Workshops & Role-Play: Participate in immersive, scenario-based activities.
– Practical Application: Focus on applying theoretical knowledge in real situations.
– Post-Training Support: Receive extensive support after training for skill implementation.

Training Outline


Microsoft Word Mastery

  • Advanced formatting techniques for professional documents

  • Styles, templates, and themes for consistent branding

  • Advanced page layout and section formatting

  • Advanced document collaboration and track changes

  • Mail merge for efficient mass communications

  • Table of contents, footnotes, and endnotes


Excel for Data Management and Analysis

  • Advanced functions and formulas for data manipulation

  • Data validation and conditional formatting for data integrity

  • Pivot tables and charts for data analysis and visualization

  • Advanced data sorting, filtering, and subtotalling

  • Using Excel as a database with advanced filtering and querying


Advanced PowerPoint Presentations

  • Designing professional slide layouts and master slides

  • Advanced animation and transition effects

  • Incorporating multimedia elements like audio and video

  • Interactive features like hyperlinks and action buttons

  • Slide show customization and presenter view


Effective Email and Calendar Management with Outlook

  • Managing and organizing emails efficiently

  • Advanced email filtering, rules, and automation

  • Utilizing Outlook for task management and reminders

  • Sharing calendars and scheduling meetings effectively

  • Customizing Outlook settings for optimal productivity


Note-Taking and Collaboration with OneNote

  • Organizing notes into notebooks, sections, and pages

  • Advanced note-taking techniques and formatting options

  • Tagging, searching, and syncing notes across devices

  • Collaborating and sharing notebooks with colleagues

  • Integrating OneNote with other Microsoft applications


Streamlining Communication with Microsoft Teams

  • Creating and managing teams for effective collaboration

  • Utilizing channels, chats, and video meetings

  • Sharing and collaborating on documents in Teams

  • Task management and planner integration

  • Customizing Teams settings and notifications


Advanced File Management and Collaboration with SharePoint

  • Creating and managing SharePoint sites and libraries

  • Document versioning and co-authoring

  • Accessing and sharing files from anywhere

  • Advanced permissions and security settings

  • Customizing SharePoint sites for improved productivity


Automating Tasks with Microsoft Office Macros

  • Introduction to macros and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

  • Recording and editing macros for repetitive tasks

  • Creating custom functions and subroutines

  • Automating data processing and report generation

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