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The Advanced Office Professional &
Records Management

Johannesburg 2022 . Date TBC

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The Office Professional and Records Management Masterclass which Prospen Africa provides is an exciting and interactive training course, designed to provide participants with the opportunity to review and develop interpersonal and professional skills needed to do their jobs effectively, thereby contributing to personal and organizational success.


This is a non-Accredited course.

Course Overview

After exploring and developing the multi-faceted skills required of the office professionals and administrative staff (including both inter-personal and technical skills), the combination allows participants to explore in more detail the issues involved in meeting responsibilities for managing documentation and records. This training course also covers the strategies, tools and technologies used to capture, categorise, manage, store, preserve (archive) and deliver documents and records in support of business processes, as well as the core components of ISO 15489 so that organisations become compliant with best practices.

By attending this training course, delegates will be able to:

  • Extend their understanding of their roles as office managers and administrators and the key contribution they make to organisational success
  • Review and develop their personal organisation, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Review their working relationships
  • Develop an action plan to help themselves, their boss and other colleagues work in more effective and efficient ways
  • Understand the key concepts and overall architectural scope of records and document management
  • Develop business cases and business requirements for records management systems
  • Identify the business drivers for improving document and records management in their organisations
  • Determine how document and records management can be implemented across their organisations
  • Assess the implications of technologies, including Enterprise Content Management (ECM) on document and records management
  • Understand the key concepts and overall scope of ISO 15489 and how to apply ISO 15489 in their organisations


Module One – Programme introduction and objectives

  • Action planning
  • The ‘competence’ model of skills, behaviours and values
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Personal competence review
  • Time management constraints – resources, systems, other people, and self
  • Handling requests and conflicting priorities

Communication and Meetings Team working

  • Team working and team roles
  • Briefing skills – giving, receiving and passing on
  • Organising and participating in meetings
  • Notes, minutes, and follow-up

Module Two: Managing Working Relationships

  • Delegation – giving and receiving
  • Coaching and training colleagues and staff – skills of on-job training
  • Communication and listening skills – lessons from NLP
  • Building rapport
  • Developing a network of working relationships – influencing skills
  • Assertiveness and conflict
  • People problems and problem people
  • Helping others perform – case study
  • Practical motivation
  • Criticism skills


Time / Desk Management, Office Technology and Writing Skills

  • Planning and priority setting
  • Office layout and ergonomics
  • Managing the paper-load and developing paperless systems
  • E-mail efficiency and etiquette
  • Writing and editing reports
  • Proof-reading skills
  • Setting up / developing writing layout and style guidelines for the organisation
  • Writing and designing presentation slides

Module three: Documents & Records Management Compliance

  • Introduce document and records management
  • Business case and drivers
  • Business requirements for managing document and records
  • Managing information as an asset
  • Understanding the terminology
  • Document and records management strategies
  • Information governance


Concepts and Set-up Components

  • Document and records lifecycle
  • Capture and storage management
  • Storage and handling
  • Preservation and archiving
  • Metadata and indexing
  • Classification schemes
  • Searching and retrieving
  • Controls and security
  • Legislation, standards, and regulation


Module Four: Process and Delivery

  • Information gathering: audit and survey
  • Building a business case
  • Business requirements
  • ISO 15489 Part 1
  • How to set ISO 15489 policies and standards
  • Assigning responsibilities and authorities
  • Establishing procedures and guidelines
  • Model office and rollout


Implementation Planning

Designing, implementing, and administering specialized systems for managing records

  • Integrating records management into business systems and processes
  • Information audit: monitoring compliance

This workshop runs for 4 days

Training times can be arranged accordingly in order to cater for the client’s needs.

Available on request.

    • Office administrators
    • Executive assistants
    • Project administrators
    • Records officers and archives
    • And everyone who is involved in the flow of management documents/files.

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