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Basic Excel Training

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This course is accredited, and material covers unit standards: 116937

The programme has been designed to give participants a
professional approach in using Microsoft Excel 2013/16 to makes it possible to analyse, manage, and share information in more ways
than ever before, helping you make better, smarter decisions. New
analysis and visualization tools help you track and highlight
important data trends.

This is an intensive and highly practical 1 day course that will
introduce delegates to the exciting world of excel. Whilst this
course takes you from scratch in Excel, it is recommended not only
for those who have not had experience in the package but is also an eye-opener if this is your first formal training in Excel. We find that delegates learn a huge amount when exposed to the full scope of the package and the short-cuts have a definite “wow” factor.

  • Find out how to effectively use functions and formulas, and
    how to format your documents to give them impact.
  • Discover the excitement of creating professional spreadsheets, keeping stats updated, managing budgets, and having a visual representation of data for ease of understanding.


About The Workshop
This is a Research-Based Training Course: The course curriculum has
been developed and designed from research with actual industry
practitioners and will in just 1 days give you firm basic grounding of
the concepts and functionalities that Excel has to offer.

The course is practical and focused: Each of the modules presented will include step-by step explanations and hands on examples. A comprehensive Course Reference Manual will be provided packed with ideas-techniques, graphics, flow-charts and excel tools. The manual contains key steps for the exercises.
Laptop computer: This training requires the use of a Pc with Microsoft Excel

Module 1: Getting started
• Topic A: Spreadsheet terminology
• Topic B: Exploring the Excel window
• Topic C: Getting help
• Topic D: Navigating workbooks

Module 2: Entering and editing data
• Topic A: Entering and editing text and values
• Topic B: Entering and editing formulas
• Topic C: Working with pictures
• Topic D: Saving and updating workbooks

Module 3: Modifying a worksheet
• Topic A: Moving and copying data
• Topic B: Moving and copying formulas
• Topic C: Absolute and relative references
• Topic D: Inserting and deleting ranges, rows, and columns

Module 4: Using functions
• Topic A: Entering functions
• Topic B: AutoSum
• Topic C: Other useful functions

Module5: Formatting worksheets
• Topic A: Formatting text
• Topic B: Formatting rows and columns
• Topic C: Formatting numbers
• Topic D: Conditional formatting

Module 6: Printing
• Topic A: Preparing to print
• Topic B: Page Setup options
• Topic C: Printing worksheets

Module 7: Creating charts
• Topic A: Chart basics
• Topic B: Modifying charts
• Topic C: Printing charts

This masterclass runs for 1 day

Available on request.

Our Basic Excel Training is available in a variety of formats to best match your needs

In-House training: We bring the training to your location. Available with customized features created to meet your requirements.

Virtual Training: Delivered totally online, our virtual sessions are designed to keep participants engaged through relevant training, activities for practice, and ongoing reinforcement.

  • The target for this course are finance professionals who desire to gain the skills necessary to create templates, sort and filter data, import and export data, analyse data, and work with Excel on the web
  • All those who need to be computer literate and need to have a good working knowledge of excel.

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