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Basic Microsoft Outlook

JHB | Dates: Anytime

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This training is Accredited with MICT SETA and covers material for: Use electronic mail to send and receive messages, 116945, NQF Level 2, 2 Credits

1 day Training


This unit standard is intended for people who need to use electronic mail to send and receive messages either as a user of computers or as basic knowledge for a career in the ICT industry.

  • Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

    • Understand the concepts and terms of electronic messaging.
    • Create and send an E-mail message.
    • Receive and respond to e-mails.
    • Work with multiple E-mail messages.
    • Adjust settings to customise the view and preferences of the E-mail application.

Module 1: Understand the concepts and terms of electronic messaging

  • The structure of an email address is explained using an example
  • Aspects of E-Mail Etiquette are described with examples
  • The benefits of using Email are explained within a specific context
  • The limitations of using the Internet are explained with examples

Module 2: Create and send an E-mail message

  • The electronic mail application is opened in order to prepare for working with E-mail messages, and closed once finished working with E-mail messages
  • The message is addressed to the required recipients.
  • The message header (subject) is consistent with the message purpose, and target audience.
  • Message test is manipulated and checked for spelling mistakes prior to sending.
  • A file is attached to the email message.
  • An attachment is deleted from an E-mail message.
  • A connection is established with an Internet Service Provider.
  • The E-mail is sent to and received by the intended recipients
  • The electronic mail application program is closed

Module 3: Receive and respond to e-mails

  • The senders of the incoming mail are identified
  • The contents of incoming E-mails are displayed
  • Precautions are observed when receiving mail
  • Received E-mail messages are viewed in the inbox of the Email application
  • Attached files are processed according to given specification
  • Incoming mail is highlighted according to required specifications
  • Response to incoming mail is conducted according to given specifications

Module 4: Print an E-mail message

  • An E-mail is printed to the default printer

Module 5: Work with multiple E-mail messages

  • A number of E-mail messages are opened for processing
  • Control is switched between the open E-mail messages
  • Text is manipulated between active E-mail messages
  • Text is copied to an E-mail message from another source
  • Text is deleted from an E-mail message
  • An E-mail message is deleted

Module 6: Adjust settings to customise the view and preferences of the Email application

  • Toolbar menus are switched off and on according to use in current situation
  • The current view headings are changed according to given requirements.




This masterclass runs for 2 days

R1 999
Group discounts available on request.

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