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Basic Registry, Records,
and Archives Management Course

Johannesburg 2022 . Date TBC

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This Course seeks to capacitate registry officials and records management practitioners to be proactive in their approach of managing records. Thus, they should learn to develop and implement tools and instruments that seeks to gain control of records from creation until disposal. A file plan, a disaster plan, information security plan, and an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution are critical tools that can serve this purpose; hence they are the focus of this Course.


This course is non-accredited

Course Overview

According to Michael Jackson (not the musician but an expert in Systems Thinking), “a system is a complex whole the functioning of which depends on its parts and the interaction between those parts”. As an example of a system, an organization’s recordkeeping system should consist of all resources, policies, procedures, and guidelines around which filing is organized. Unfortunately, records management efforts in most organizations have remained stagnant over the years. This can largely be attributed to the fact that records management practices have been characterized by a “collector’s approach”, thus, records management practitioners are sitting idle awaiting for records to be transferred to their custody when no longer required by the creating business unit. This reactive approach has compromised the quality of recordkeeping systems within organizations. In all operations and functional areas, the standard of continuous improvement and learning is becoming the norm around the world. Records Management should not be any different.

Course Outcomes

After attending this course delegates will be able-

  • To distinguish between a record and a document
  • To distinguish between different types of records
  • Understand the legislative framework for records management
  • To understand different types of filing system
  • To understand the record lifecycle concept
  • Develop and use a file plan
  • Develop and use a records control schedule
  • Implement an effective filing system
  • To develop a records inventory
  • To systematically dispose records in line with the law
  • Implement basic technological tools to manage records
  • Understand the concept of integrated electronic document and records management system

To be updated soon


Training times can be arranged accordingly in order to cater for the client’s needs.

Available on request.

This course is suitable for individuals working in HR and Registry.

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