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Conduct Moderation of
Outcomes-Based Assessments

Johannesburg 2022 . June 15 -18, July 17-20

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We as Prospen Africa we proud ourselves in providing our clients with the Moderator training course which will further your understanding of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and will help you in developing your skills and acquiring a variety of qualifications within the fields of Education Training and Development Practices and Human Resource Development.


This course is accredited by the ETDP Seta, and material covers unit standards: 115753, NQF Level 6, 15 Credits

Course Overview

This course aims to provide recognition for those participants who conduct internal or external moderation of outcomes-based assessments. The assessments could be in terms of outcomes defined in a number of documents, including but not limited to unit standards, exit level outcomes, assessment standards, curriculum statements and qualifications. Based on the Unit Standard number 115759 and pitched at the NQF Level 6 with 10 credits, at the end of the course, participants will be able to moderate assessments in terms of the relevant outcome statements and quality assurance requirements.

The candidate-moderator will be able to use the prescribed Quality Assurance procedures in a fair, valid, reliable, and practicable manner that is free of all bias and discrimination, paying particular attention to the three groups targeted for redress: race, gender, and disability.

Course Objectives

The purpose of this course is for participants to be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of moderation within the context of an outcomes-based assessment system,
  • Plan and prepare for moderation,
  • Conduct moderation,
  • Advise and support assessors,
  • Report, record and administer moderation, and
  • Review moderation systems and processes.

Furthermore, contribute towards the achievement of a variety of qualifications, particularly within the fields of Education Training and Development Practices and Human Resource Development.

This is one (1) of the five (5) ETD roles / courses that together provides participants with the general Education, Training and Development skills required at an NQF level 6 thus providing an opportunity for participants to specialise further in one of the following four roles:

  • Design and develop learning interventions.
  • Facilitate learning.
  • Design and conduct assessments.
  • Facilitate skills development.

Module 1: Demonstrate understanding of moderation within the context of an outcomes-based assessment system.

  • Moderation Definition
  • Moderation Methods
  • Key principles of assessment
  • Moderation activities


Module 2: Plan and prepare for moderation.

The planning and preparation are to take place within the context of an existing moderation system, whether internal or external, as well as an existing assessment plan.

  • Planning and preparation activities
  • Scope of moderation
  • Extend of moderation
  • Moderation methods and process
  • Documents preparation
  • Required Physical and human resources


Module 3: Conduct moderation.

  • Principles of good assessment
  • Moderation confirmation
  • Quality assurance body
  • Appeals against assessment
  • Moderation decision


Module 4: Advise and support assessors.

  • Nature and Quality of advice
  • Quality of advice to promote assessment
  • Further development of assessor
  • Confidentiality requirements


Module 5: Report, record and administer moderation.

  • Moderation findings
  • Records


Module 6: Review moderation systems and processes.

  • Strengths and weakness of moderation system
  • Recommendation
  • Review

This programme runs for 3 days

Training times can be arranged accordingly in order to meet the client’s needs.

Available on request.

  • Learning facilitators.
  • Learner and learning supporters.
  • Skills Development Facilitators.

Course Categories

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Accordion Content
  • Performance Management Systems Training
  • Presentation Skills Programme
  • Professional Project Management Skills
  • Advanced Supervisory and Team Leadership Skills
  • Advanced Business Report Writing
  • Public Sector Risk Management Training
  • Result-Driven M & E, and Implementation Training
  • Generally Recognised Accounting Practices -GRAP Standards (with updates)
  • Government Budgeting Including SCOA
  • Government Accounting
  • Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers
  • Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) & Related Treasury Regulations
Accordion Content
  • What’s New – Excel 365
  • Microsoft Office – Excel Intermediate
  • Basic Excel Training
  • Microsoft Teams for End-Users
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel Masterclass
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