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Developing and Implementing
Electronic Document & Records
Management Systems

Johannesburg 2022 . Date TBC

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New approaches to electronic preservation and new services are beginning to offer new options for information lifecycle management including electronic archiving and shared electronic records management services. This programme is designed to equip delegates with the skills necessary to understand, plan for, and implement an Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS).

The course highlights the key issues required for successful implementations, and how to avoid the pitfalls commonly associated with EDRMS systems


This is a non-Accredited course.

Course Overview

At the end of this workshop, delegates will:

  • Understand the legal environment surrounding electronic documents and records.
  • Understand the policy and procedures which need to be created and implemented.
  • Understand the core components that make up an EDRMS system and how to evaluate which components are required in their organisations.
  • Be able to plan for and compose the team who are needed to conduct the implementation.
  • Develop a classification scheme.
  • Have a working knowledge of the applicability of digital signatures
  • Be able to implement a records retention schedule
  • Create an inventory of records in the organisation
  • Determine the current maturity and readiness of the organisation to implement
  • The Electronic Documents and Records Management (EDRM) Legal Framework
  • Current Legislation Governing the Management of Information in Organisations:
  • Identifying the types and characteristics of information resources to which the legislation applies
  • Defining the steps for developing an EDRM policy in your organisation
  • Examining and quantifying the potential benefits and business case for designing and implementing a records management frameworkTeaching and Learning Process
  • Development of Effective DRM Policies and Procedures
  • Determine the essential elements of your DRM policies and procedures document
  • Evaluate the management of different types of documents
  • Determine the infrastructure and technology resources required to actively manage your records management system
  • Examine the criteria for identifying and selecting an appropriate DRM system
  • Analyse effective roll-out methods and adoption for efficient application by all users
  • Change Management Requirements and Planning
  • Identifying what needs to change in your organisation in order to ensure the highest level of success in managing your business documents and records
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Classification Processes and Plans
  • Project planning for Electronic DRM Systems (EDRM)
  • Appraisal, Retention and Disposal
  • Disaster Recovery and business continuity Planning
  • Quality, Integrity, and Security Measures

This training runs for 5 days

Training times can be arranged accordingly in order to cater for the client’s needs.

Available on request.

Anyone who deals with movement of files and all general records duties. IT, records managers, business unit managers and other information professionals who need to ensure that your organization’s information and records are managed effectively.

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