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Employment Equity
Legislation Masterclass

JHB | 27 - 28 Sep

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Prospen Africa has specifically designed this interactive course to enable all delegates to practically interpret the Employment Equity Act. They will be able to use this training and the information as a blueprint for establishing an Employment Equity Committee and will in addition gain an understanding of the link between Employment Equity, Skills Development, B-BBEE & your organisation’s Strategic Objectives.

Course Overview

Today, South Africa’s workforce is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures. The ability to understand and manage all types of people is critical to achieving organisational goals and objectives. Employment Equity Act is one of the HRD legislation that seeks to eliminate unfair discrimination (policy and practice) in the workplace, and to achieve equitable representation of employees from designated groups.

Businesses are expected to comply and meet targets and are subjected to penalties which according to the new amendment to the Employment Equity Act will target the turnover and force non-compliant businesses to close their doors and result in more unemployment and economic downturn. Thus, the Employment Equity Act requires that designated employers design and implement an Employment Equity plan in order to achieve reasonable advancement in employment equity.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the background and history of discrimination in South Africa,
  • Demonstrating knowledge and understanding of diversity in the workplace.
  • Understand what is meant by diversity, different cultures and values.
  • They will be able to describe transformation legislation
  • Understand the Employment Equity Act, including the recent amendments and their relevance to companies.
  • Understand the rights, functions, and responsibilities of Employment Equity Consultation Committees.
  • Know how to draw up and EE Plan, implement, monitor, evaluate and report on EE plan implementation

MODULE 1 – List (comprehensively) the key elements of the Employment Equity legislation.

  • The key elements of Employment Equity legislation are listed in a report and presented to interested parties using appropriate media.
  • An analysis is provided of the extent to which these elements feature in the Employment Equity plan of a large organisation.

MODULE 2 – Present an understanding of the link between employment equity and the business strategy.

  • The business strategy of a company is explained using its key features as explanation.
  • The link between the business and Employment Equity strategies is determined and a report written on the degree of agreement between them.
  • Proposals of how the integration of the two can be improved are tabled with examples.
  • The value of greater integration towards profitability is outlined with examples.

MODULE 3 – Determine whether the appropriate relationships exist between Employment Equity and factors impacting on it.

  • A list of the factors that impact on Employment Equity is provided in writing; with examples of the role, they play.
  • An analysis is provided of what constitutes appropriate relationships between these factors and Employment Equity, with examples.

MODULE 4 – Identify non-compliance with employment equity strategy and purpose.

  • The labour Practices of an organization are examined to determine the degree of compliance and non-compliance with legislation and a report written for management.
  • A proposal for improvement of compliance is communicated to the Employment Equity Committee in the appropriate format.
  • A proposal is presented on how the employer and employee awareness of Employment Equity can be improved in an organization with examples of what action can be taken.

This masterclass runs for 3 days

R 7 999.00
*Group Discounts Available on Request.

Our Employment Equity  Legislation Masterclass is available in a variety of formats to best match your needs

In-House training: We bring the training to your location. Available with customized features created to meet your requirements.

Virtual Training: Delivered totally online, our virtual sessions are designed to keep participants engaged through relevant training, activities for practice, and ongoing reinforcement.

  • This masterclass is for all people, both individuals and employees who need to know what employment equity is. These could be members of Employment Equity Committees, Workplace Forums or Consultation Committees, senior managers, HR staff and anyone involved in the development and/or implementation of Employment Equity Plans.

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