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Fundamental Hydraulic Theory and Maintenance

Johannesburg | DateTBC

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Our Basic Hydraulic course is designed to equip delegates with the basic foundation knowledge and building blocks that underpin all hydraulic systems. On completion of the course, delegates will receive a broad-base knowledge of hydraulic equipment and will be able to identify symbols and components used in schematic drawings. They will also understand the importance of cleanliness levels, good safety practices and best practices in fault finding techniques and procedures to reduce costly downtime. The course also provides delegates with a greater working expertise and understanding of fluid power systems.


This course is non-accredited.

Learning outcomes

    • How the basic hydraulic theories are applied in practice
    • The importance of good hydraulic filtration techniques
    • The operation of pressure, flow and directional control valves and the applications in hydraulic circuits
    • Hydraulic pumps and motors and the control thereof
    • Hydraulic cylinder construction and good sealing practices
    • Basics of Fluid Power connectors and hose assemblies, good practice techniques and the different threads found in hydraulics
    • The basics of hydraulic circuit applications
    • The different types of hydraulic control systems and the effect on energy usage
    • Maintenance and troubleshooting techniques


Training times can be arranged accordingly in order to cater for the client’s needs.

Available on request.

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