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Budgeting In Government With An Emphasis On SCOA

JHB | 30 Oct - 02 Nov 2023

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The skill program aligns with the unit standard titled “Prepare budgets for a specific sector” (US: 120302) at NQF Level 6, carrying 15 credits.

Portfolio Of Evidence: To achieve competence in these unit standards, the learner must undergo assessment by a registered assessor and demonstrate competency in the following Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment.

  • Applying knowledge and understanding of the South African legislative framework for budgeting processes.
  • Evaluating budgeting processes and procedures.
  • Managing budgetary processes and data to ensure that they comply with timeframes, integrated planning and legislative requirements.
  • Recommending and advising on the roles and responsibilities of role players in the budgetary process.
  • Prepare and compile the budget in line with policy initiatives and prescribed amounts.
  • By understanding SCOA, participants will be better positioned to make informed budgetary decisions aligned with national priorities.
  • Attendees will gain skills to ensure that budgeting and reporting are compliant with SCOA standards, leading to cleaner audits and increased trust from stakeholders.
  • Participants will be familiar with the future directions in public financial management and potential changes to SCOA, positioning them to adapt swiftly to new developments.

Introduction and Foundations

  • Welcome and Overview
  • Introduction of participants and facilitators
  • Expectations and objectives for the training

Government      Budgeting      in      South      Africa: Background

  • A brief history of public finance management in South Africa
  • Key legislation        guiding        public       financial management: PFMA, MFMA

Overview of the Budgeting Process

  • Budget formulation, execution, monitoring, and evaluation
  • Budget cycles: planning, approval, implementation, and evaluation

SCOA Basics

  • Introduction to SCOA: Purpose and background
  • The importance of SCOA in ensuring transparency, accountability, and efficient resource allocation

SCOA Components

  • The seven segments of SCOA: Project, Fund, Region, Responsibility, Objective, Item, and Ledger

Coding and Classification

  • The logic and importance of SCOA coding
  • Practical exercises on coding

SCOA and Budget Preparation

  • How SCOA impacts the budget preparation phase
  • The importance of alignment and accurate coding

Practical Session

  • Case study: Developing a mock budget using SCOA principles



Budget Execution, Monitoring, and SCOA Compliance

Implementing the Budget

  • Steps and best practices
  • The role    of    different     stakeholders     in    budget execution

Budget Monitoring and SCOA

  • How SCOA assists in budget monitoring
  • Tools and    techniques     for     effective     budget monitoring

Budget Variance and Reporting

  • Identifying and addressing budget variances
  • Using SCOA for accurate financial reporting

Practical Session

  • Analysing budget   reports    and   ensuring   SCOA compliance


SCOA in the Broader Context & Wrap Up

Integrating SCOA with Other Systems

  • How SCOA    complements    other           governmental systems
  • Ensuring interoperability

Auditing and SCOA

  • How auditors use SCOA for financial oversight
  • Ensuring clean audits through SCOA compliance

Auditor General ‘s comments on budgeting and SCOA

  • Strength, Weakness & Auditors recommendations

Future of Budgeting and SCOA

  • Trends and innovations in public financial management
  • Potential future changes to SCOA

Feedback and Recommendations

  • Opportunities for improvement in SCOA implementation
  • Feedback on the training and how it can be improved for future sessions

This workshop runs for 4 days

Price per Delegate: R 10 999.00
Price per Delegate:(2 or more Delegates): R9 699.00

Our Budgeting In Government With An Emphasis On SCOA is available in a variety of formats to best match your needs

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