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Leading with Ethics and Compliance

JHB | Dates: 19 February | 17 April | 10 June 2024

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The “Leading with Ethics and Compliance” is an in-depth 3-day training course focusing on integrating ethical considerations and compliance protocols into leadership practices. This course combines theoretical insights, practical ethical leadership strategies, and compliance management tools, providing participants with a robust understanding of ethical leadership and compliance in various organizational contexts.

Upon completing this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Integrate Ethical Considerations: Incorporate ethical considerations seamlessly into decision-making processes and leadership strategies.
  2. Implement Compliance Protocols: Understand and apply compliance protocols effectively within their leadership roles.
  3. Promote Ethical Culture: Foster an organizational culture that prioritizes ethical conduct and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
  4. Navigate Ethical Dilemmas: Resolve ethical dilemmas effectively while maintaining organizational integrity and reputation.
  5. Apply Real-world Insights: Analyse and apply insights from real-world case studies in ethics and compliance.

Foundations of Ethical Leadership and Compliance

  • Introduction to Ethical Leadership: Core principles and importance of ethical leadership.
  • Understanding Compliance: Overview of compliance management and its significance in organizations.
    Case Study Discussion: Exploration of a scenario emphasizing the foundational elements of ethics and compliance in leadership.

Implementing Ethics and Compliance Protocols

  • Ethical Decision-Making Models: Exploration and application of various ethical decision-making frameworks.
  • Developing and Implementing Compliance Programs: Strategies for creating and enforcing effective compliance protocols.

Case Study Analysis: Deep dive into a real-world example focusing on implementing ethics and compliance protocols in leadership practices.

Fostering Ethical Culture and Addressing Dilemmas

  • Building an Ethical Organizational Culture: Techniques to promote ethical conduct and values within the organization.
  • Navigating Ethical Dilemmas: Strategies for addressing and resolving ethical dilemmas effectively.

Case Study Discussion: Examination of a scenario highlighting the promotion of an ethical culture and resolution of ethical dilemmas in organizations.

Included Case Studies

  • Ethical Leadership in Crisis: Analysing leadership responses to a crisis scenario, focusing on ethical considerations and compliance.
  • Compliance Violation Resolution: Understanding the leadership role in addressing and resolving significant compliance violations.
  • Organizational Culture Transformation: Examining the process of transforming organizational culture to prioritize ethics and compliance.

3 Day Training

Available on request

Hybrid Session
Live and In-class

  • Corporate leaders and managers seeking to enhance ethical leadership and compliance in their roles.
  • Compliance officers and professionals responsible for overseeing compliance within organizations.
  • HR professionals focusing on organizational culture and ethical conduct.
  • Employees aiming to understand the ethical and compliance considerations in organizational settings.
  • Emerging leaders preparing for leadership roles with ethical considerations and compliance responsibilities.

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