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Local Government Financial Resilience & Agility Masterclass

JHB | Anytime | 22-26 May 2023

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According to official sources, at least 70% of municipalities are technically insolvent and are unable to generate the financial requirements needed for them to adequately carry out their constitutional mandates. The situation is unlikely to improve as the broader South African economy is emerge from the energy crisis. Traditional financial solutions are clearly inadequate to effectively deal with the scale and complexity of the problem.

The course aims to equip participants with comprehensive knowledge and practical tools to address the financial challenges faced by municipalities effectively. By covering topics like alternative revenue generation, risk management, and private-public partnership models, the participants will be better prepared to tackle the complexities of municipal financial management. Additionally, the focus on innovative approaches and capacity building ensures that the learning is geared towards practical application, enhancing the participants’ ability to implement the knowledge gained in their respective roles within provincial government and municipalities.

The purpose of Local Government Financial Agility & Resilience Masterclass to equip municipalities with a range of alternative and bespoke tools with which they can use to assist them in dealing with the following challenges;

  1. Liquidity challenges
  2. Contracted revenue base (post Covid-19 & GDP contraction effects)
  3. Balance sheet deterioration
  • Understanding Municipal Financial Challenges: By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to identify and comprehend the key financial challenges faced by municipalities, including liquidity issues, contracted revenue bases, and balance sheet deterioration.
  • Evaluating Alternative Revenue Generation Models: Participants will gain the ability to evaluate and assess various alternative revenue generation models suitable for their specific municipality’s needs, enabling them to explore new avenues for generating funds.
  • Applying Risk Management Strategies: Upon completion of the workshop, attendees will be equipped with risk management techniques to mitigate the impact of accelerated inflation, interest rate increases, and contingent contractual liabilities, safeguarding the financial stability of their municipalities.
  • Designing Effective Private-Public Partnership (PPP) Models: Participants will be able to design and implement ready-to-deploy PPP models that address service delivery backlogs, stimulate revenue growth, and promote employment, all while ensuring commercial viability.
  • Ensuring Regulatory Compliance and Legal Adherence: By the end of the masterclass, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory framework and legal requirements specific to municipal financial management, empowering them to ensure compliance and adhere to financial regulations effectively.

Course Topics

  1. Municipal Financial Challenges: Explore the current financial challenges faced by municipalities, including liquidity issues, contracted revenue bases, and balance sheet deterioration.
  2. Understanding Municipal Financial Insolvency: Gain insights into the factors contributing to municipal insolvency and its implications for local government operations.
  3. Alternative Revenue Generation Models: Examine various alternative revenue generation models that can help municipalities become more financially agile and resilient.
  4. Dealing with Long-Term Debt and Liabilities: Learn techniques to restructure, transfer, or eliminate long-term debt and other short-term liabilities to alleviate financial pressure.
  5. Risk Management in Municipalities: Understand risk management models to cope with accelerated inflation levels, interest rate increases, and contingent contractual liabilities specific to municipalities.
  6. Private-Public Partnership (PPP) Models: Explore ready-to-deploy private-public partnership models that enable municipalities to address service delivery backlogs, generate revenue, and create employment in a commercially viable manner.
  7. Bespoke Financial Solutions: Develop an understanding of customized financial solutions tailored to the unique challenges of individual municipalities.
  8. Innovative Approaches to Financial Agility: Discover innovative approaches and strategies for enhancing financial agility and adaptability in the context of municipal financial management.
  9. Regulatory Compliance and Legal Aspects in Municipal Finance: Understand the regulatory framework and legal aspects relevant to municipal financial management, including compliance requirements, reporting obligations, and adherence to financial regulations.

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Our Local Government Financial Resilience & Agility Masterclass is available in a variety of formats to best match your needs

In-House training: We bring the training to your location. Available with customized features created to meet your requirements.

Virtual Training: Delivered totally online, our virtual sessions are designed to keep participants engaged through relevant training, activities for practice, and ongoing reinforcement.

Available on Request.

  • Middle managers to senior executives working for provincial government and municipalities
  • Mayoral committee members and MECs
  • Accountants, financial managers, Credit managers/controllers,
  • Risk management, compliance and legal professionals working for provincial government and municipalities

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