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Management Skills For New Managers Workshop

JHB | Dates: 4 - 5 May, 2023

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Essentials of Management: Management Skills for New
Managers is a 2-day hands-on training programme, highly
interactive with exercises and role plays. The programme is
facilitated by an experienced businessperson.
Managing a team can be difficult. But there
are key skills all managers need to learn,
practice and use:
• Delegation: How and what can I delegate? Who can and
should I delegate to?
• Coaching: When, how and why should I coach my team
• Communication: What is the best way to communicate with my team and my boss?
• Motivation: How can I motivate my team in person and remotely?
• Performance Management: How can I manage the
performance of my team?

  • After taking this programme, you will:
    • Identify the key skills and abilities you need to be an
    effective manager
    • Understand the different roles and situations you face
    every day
    • Use goal setting and feedback to manage your team’s
    • Run better performance management conversations
    • Communicate professionally with your team and boss
    • Coach your team to perform better and develop new skills
    • Understand and use the 10 core factors that can affect
    your team’s motivation
    • Learn how to delegate more effectively
    During the programme you will:
    • Network and learn from a diverse group of peers with
    similar challenges like you from different functions,
    industries and countries
    • Develop a personal action plan to implement back at work
    • Learn and practice using real-world examples and role
    plays over 2 interactive days

Module 1: Defining Your Role as a Manager
• Discovering the qualities and abilities required for
effective management
• Identifying the roles and responsibilities managers
• Exploring the contextual issues and challenges that
new managers face today
Module 2: Continuous Performance Management
• Defining the goal of performance management
• Identifying the process and challenges
• Practicing the skills of performance management
Module 3: Communication: Conducting Effective Work
• Describe the importance of communication to effective
• Recognizing the qualities of effective communication.
• Understanding the process of communication and the
barriers that can derail it.
• Recognizing different types of work conversations.
• Identifying the two key conversation skills.
• Understanding and utilizing the conversational triangle
Module 4: Coaching for Performance
• Identifying the importance of and requirements for
• Learning the micro-skills of effective coaching
• Confronting problem behaviours in a tactful manner
• Differentiating between coaching and disciplining
Module 5: Building a Motivational Climate
• Recognizing the manager’s role in employee motivation
• Exploring important elements of the motivational process
• Utilizing managerial practices for building a motivational
Module 6: Delegating for Growth and Development
• Describing the types of delegation that managers can
engage in
• Identify the importance of, and the barriers to, effective
• Assessing your current delegation practices and their challenges
• Recognizing what can and can’t be delegated
• Identifying the phases of effective delegation
• Practicing delegation discussion

2 Day Training


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