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Mechanical Engineering for Non-mechanical Engineers

Johannesburg | DateTBC

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This course is designed to meet the needs of individuals of all disciplines and will also benefit those with a mechanical background seeking to refresh their knowledge.


This course is non-accredited

  • This course provides non-mechanical engineers and other professionals with an introduction to the core subject areas of mechanical engineering. Engineers, technicians, maintainers, and operators who may not have a mechanical background are often given the responsibility for the procurement, installation, operation, and maintenance of mechanical equipment. To be effective, such personnel should have a fundamental understanding of the principles that dictate the design, operation, and maintenance of this mechanical equipment. The course will emphasize practicality and cost effectiveness.

    After attending the seminar, attendees will be able to:

    • Apply practical knowledge regarding the operation and maintenance of mechanical equipment
    • Add to your ability to achieve a cost-effective approach to the use of mechanical equipment
    • Implement a process to improve equipment reliability
    • Select the most appropriate equipment that meets the specific needs of your industrial processes
    • Have better appreciation of the how forces, on beams in static equilibrium, are analysed, in determinate support scenarios.
    • Calculate forces in members of simple truss systems, using the method of sections and be able to analyse motion of objects in the kinematic and kinetic realms.

This workshop runs for 2 days

Training times can be arranged accordingly in order to cater for the client’s needs.

Available on request.

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