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MICT Seta Courses

MICT Seta Qualifications

MICT SETA offers a range of occupational qualifications that cover different aspects of the industry, such as digital media, software development, networking, telecommunications, and more.

This qualifications and initiatives play a crucial role in developing a skilled workforce equipped to contribute effectively to the media, information, and communication technology sectors

Here is list of our MICT Qualifications

Business Analysis professionals
Dates: Anytime

Business Analysis Support Practice

SAQA ID 63769, NQF L5

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Information Technology : End User Computing
Dates: Anytime

Information Technology: End User Computing

SAQA ID: 61591, NQF L3

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Dates: Anytime

Information Technology: Systems Development

SAQA ID: 78965, NQF L4

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For a list of our MICT Short Courses

We have a comprehensive list of MICT Accredited Short Courses designed to provide participants with cutting-edge skills and knowledge in the dynamic field of information and communication technology. These courses are meticulously curated to meet industry standards and are delivered by seasoned experts to ensure a high-quality learning experience. Whether you’re a professional looking to upskill or someone eager to embark on a career in technology, our MICT Accredited Short Courses offer a gateway to success in the rapidly evolving world of IT

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