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Mineral Process Plant Optimisation Technology and Continuous Improvement

Johannesburg | DateTBC

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Process Plant Optimization plays very important role in today’s industrial world. For optimization benefits to be substantial, cost of production including operation interruptions must be kept to a minimum.


This course is non-accredited

  • Course Overview

    This requires effective management of maintenance operations and optimization of equipment and plant reliability and availability. This also involves effective inspection and maintenance strategies, planning methods. Plant optimization can be an effective way to achieve improved profitability. Important aspect of process plant optimization is related to system energy management and energy consumption reduction. Industrial processes and systems offer significant potentials for savings. Process changes such as advanced controls and new technologies also present opportunities for plant optimization.

    Course Benefits

    • Understanding the main elements of plant optimization, the way how to achieve and realize potential benefits
    • Enhance the business focus of participants and equip them to make more contributions to sustainable plant profitability
    • Equipping maintenance professionals, planners, and engineers with the knowledge to select the most appropriate methodologies for their maintenance decision-making
    • Learning how to identify the potential for reduction of energy consumption
    • Providing participants with practical and effective methods and tools to perform technical and economic evaluations of the alternatives


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