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Pension Fund Governance, Regulations & Best Practices

A Date: 12 - 16 September .22

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This training course will empower you with complete knowledge and information about pension as well as its governance and regulation. Undertaking this course will not only help you understand pension schemes and plans better but also assist you in devising the appropriate and most suitable schemes and plans for your organisation. Further, the detailed modules in this course will build your capabilities to analyse the pension process, identify risks and prevent these through immediate and necessary steps needed at an organisational level. By undergoing this course, you will gain a broader perspective to pension and pension governance and regulation and will thus be more capable and confident of driving changes for the betterment of pension schemes and plans. In doing so, you will demonstrate your skill and capabilities to undertake more challenging and higher roles and responsibilities within your organisation and beyond, supporting faster career growth and progression. The knowledge gained through this course will also improve your awareness and understanding of pension plans for you and will be critical for financial planning post retirement.

Course Summary

  • Module One – Overview of Pension, Pension Governance and Pension Regulation.
  • Module Two – Factors Determining Defined Benefit Pension
  • Module Three – Factors Determining Defined Contribution Pension
  • Module Four – Benefits of Saving into Pension
  • Module Five – Possible Recipients of Public Pension Schemes
  • Module Six – Potential Risks to Pension Funds
  • Module Seven – Objectives of Pension Fund Regulation
  • Understand the importance of pension governance, types, designs and fundamentals of pension schemes
  • Appreciate the duties and management function of trustees
  • Analyse Pension scheme management performance indicators
  • Appreciate the importance of performance evaluation of trustees of pension schemes in enhancing
  • governance
  • Assess the risks pension funds are exposed to and the need of effective risk management

This programme runs for 5 days

Our Pension Fund Governance, Regulations and Best Practices is available in a variety of formats to best match your needs In-House training: We bring the training to your location. Available with customized features created to meet your requirements.

Virtual Training: Delivered totally online, our virtual sessions are designed to keep participants engaged through relevant training, activities for practice, and ongoing reinforcement.

Price – R14 999,00
*Group Discounts Available on Request.
  • Fund
  • managers
  • Pension regulators
  • Policymakers, Trustees
  • Administrators
  • Advisors
  • Custodians
  • CEOs
  • Human resource managers
  • Directors and Pension principal officers

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