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Project Financial

Johannesburg 2022 . Date TBC

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Project Finance Modelling will teach you how to build a financial model to evaluate equity returns and secure non-recourse debt (known as project finance). On completing the course, you will have built a fully functional financial model covering the period from the beginning of construction through to the end of the project’s operating period.

Modern project finance transactions requires a high level of expertise in building financial models which are reliable and flexible to accommodate the changing requirements occurring during the life of a project, and with Prospen Africa we do believe in continuous learning, as the times evolves so are we.


This is a non-Accredited course.

Course Overview

This 4-day course covers both project finance and financial modelling best practices. The first 2 days of the course provide project financing skills you can immediately use upon return to your workplace, while the last days are dedicated for modelling project finance. You will learn demonstrated analytical strategies to assess the degree of risk and benefits of specific project financing, along with the elements of the day-to-day business and operational aspects. This course is also designed to enhance the checklists and benchmark metrics by which you can reduce losses, and which will be viewed favorably by both management and the regulatory community.

We therefore encourage ‘would be participants’ to attend in-order to be fully equipped with the project finance and modelling skills.


  • Full knowledge of what constitutes Project Finance and Project Modelling
  • Set-up project structure and its operations
  • Develop skills to manage Projects
  • Practically expose the participants to Project Finance Modelling.
  • Make decisions in line with the results of the Project Finance model

Module 1: Overview of Project Finance in Africa

  • What is Project Finance?
  • How does Project Finance create value?
  • Project evaluation
  • Stages in the deal
  • Industry players in Project Finance
  • Role of government in Project Finance

Module 2: Funding, Project Finance Documentation & Risk Analysis

  • Sources of funding
  • Bank lending
  • Project Finance Documentation
  • Due diligence assessment and Risk
  • Analysing Risks


Module 3: Introduction to Modelling

  • Introduction to the Case Study
  • How to build a financial model
  • Modelling standards
  • Excel shortcut tricks
  • Recap on common modelling functions

Module 4: Project Finance Theory

  • Increasing modelling productivity
  • Timeline development
  • Construction costs
  • Construction funding
  • Financing fees

Module 5: Modelling financial statements

  • Revenue and operating costs
  • Taxes
  • Working capital
  • Debt financing
  • Equity
  • Dividends

Module 6: Project Financing Modelling Ratios

  • Cover ratios
  • Debt sculpting
  • Debt service reserve account
  • Maintenance reserve account
  • Revolver
  • Shareholder loans
  • Macros to break circularities
  • NPV
  • IRR
  • Scenario Analysis

Module 7: Advanced Project Finance Topics

  • Equity First Funding Method
  • Debt Sizing Macros
  • DSRA Macros
  • Scenario Analysis automation

This masterclass runs for 2 days

Training times can be arranged accordingly in order to cater for the client’s needs.

Available on request.

      • Accountants | Auditors | Creditors Managers | Accounts Receivable Depts. | Accounts Payable Depts. | Finance Managers | Operation Managers | Project Managers | HR Managers | Business Executives | Consultants | Head of Departments | Finance people and anyone who uses Excel to analyses and manipulate data and extensively for business reporting

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