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Project Management in the
Public Sector

Johannesburg 2022 . Dates TBC

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This course is accredited by the PSETA and material covers unit standards Supervise A Project Team of a Developmental Project to Deliver Project Objectives US: 10146, NQF Level 5 14 Credits Build Teams to Meet Set Goals and Objectives, US: 15237, NQF Level 5, 3 Credits Create Opportunities for Innovation and Lead Projects to Meet Innovative Ideas, US: 15216, NQF Level 5, 4 Credits


This course is accredited 

• Discuss and explain the appropriateness of the various organizational structures;

• Supervise and monitor a developmental project team;

• Report progress on a developmental project;

• Identify and rectify problems occurring in a developmental project;

• Set up, run and close a developmental project;

• Keep abreast of and analyze innovations or new developments;

• Create opportunities for innovation;

• Lead projects to meet new, innovative ideas;

• Review new projects or procedures to determine effectiveness;

• Demonstrate knowledge of the principles and processes of team building in workplace activities;

• Get agreement from team members on objectives, timeframes, rules and guidelines for participation;

and lead team to complete workplace activities

Module 1: Setting-Up, Running and Closing a Project

Module 2: Project Organizational Structures

Module 3: Supervising and Monitoring a Project Team

Module 4: Identifying and Rectifying Problems

Module 5: Reporting Progress

This programme runs for 5 days

Training times can be arranged accordingly in order to meet the client’s needs.

Available on request.

This course will be useful for:

• Project managers, officers and administrators;

• Project management team members;

• Functional and departmental managers

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