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Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) and Related Treasury Regulations

JHB | Dates: 18 - 22 Sep 2023

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The Public Finance Management Act, Act 1 of 1999 (PFMA) and Treasury Regulations (TR), require the National and Provincial government sphere departments in South Africa to align their budgets to the achievement of their strategic plans. In order to achieve this, Management in the public sector must be empowered to apply strategic and operational planning principles for effective public service delivery. All public sector managers must have the skills to budget for the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) in order to make the strategic and operational plans a reality. The TR requires an annual performance plan for the MTEF period that has clearly defined performance indicators and performance targets. Monitoring and evaluation of the actual revenue and expenditure of the budget in line with the cash flow projections and achievement of performance indicators and targets requires monthly and quarterly reports.


The PFMA and TR are designed apply sound financial management principles in the public sector. Failure to comply with the prescribed legislation could put performance and more effective public service delivery at risk. Through a risk management process, potential risks should be identified that could negatively impact on the Government’s quest for more effective, efficient, economical, equal and sustainable public service delivery. Effective internal control systems should be incorporated into the risk management strategy.

This five-day fully acceded course is designed to assist manager in the public sector to effectively apply the requirement of the PFMA, TR and other related legislation as well as implement public financial management reform initiatives in the South African public sector.

During this course on PFMA and TR, you will learn to:


    Familiarise yourself with principles of sound Public Sector Financial Management.
  • Identify the Roles and Responsibilities of Line Managers regarding Public Financial Management.
  • Understand the Core Components of the PFMA and Treasury Regulations (TR).
  • Link the budget to the Strategic and Operational Planning within the MTEF (Medium Term Expenditure Framework).
  • Apply a sound public financial management process with regard to Revenue, Expenditure, Assets and Liabilities and prevent Unauthorised, Irregular and Wasteful Expenditure.
  • Apply effective Risk Management principles and Internal Control Systems.
  • Identify and apply actions required for successful integration of the Supply Chain Management Model into a government department’s management process.

MODULE 1 – Formulate linkages between the Constitution and the PFMA and explain the roles and responsibilities of the relevant treasuries.

MODULE 2 – Determine the implications of strategic planning, annual performance planning and budgeting in departments, constitutional institutions, and public entities.

MODULE 3 – Demonstrate an understanding of different arrangements and measurements in terms of the PFMA.

Module 4 – Application of Effective Internal Audit,
Internal Controls and Risk Management

Module 5 – Actions Required for Successful
Integration of Supply Chain Management Model

5 days course is available as accredited

3 and 2 days course is available as non-accredited course

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R 11 999.00
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This course will be useful for:

  • Contract Managers
  • Asset Controllers
  • Adjudication Committee Members
  • Bid Specification Committee Members
  • Asset Managers/Officers
  • Legal Service
  • Supply Chain Managers/Officers

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