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Report Writing Skills

Location: Johannesburg | Date TBC

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Course Overview

The Report Writing Skills training is meticulously designed to serve a dual purpose: to elevate the quality of your reports and to diminish the time dedicated to creating them. This synergy is achieved by emphasizing structured, clear writing and evading prevalent blunders. The course also encompasses essential time-management techniques and nuances of language to enhance both productivity and precision in report drafting.



The Report Writing Skills course is accredited. The curriculum is mapped to unit standards:

  • 110023: Present information in report format (NQF Level 4, Credits 6)
  • 119465: Write/present/sign texts for diverse communicative contexts (NQF Level 3, Credits 5)

During the workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the significance of customizing reports to suit the audience and objectives.
  • Grasp the planning and structuring of reports to ensure effective communication.
  • Simplify complex information to enhance clarity for varied readers.
  • Recognize critical English grammar nuances for report writing and learn to prevent common errors.
  • Optimize the use of visuals in reports.
  • Accelerate the report drafting process.

Module 1: Foundations of Effective Reporting

  • Qualities of stellar and subpar reports.
  • Challenges faced during report writing.
  • Analysing excellent report examples and understanding their strengths.
  • Defining the purpose and target audience for your reports.

Module 2: Precision in Language Selection and Usage

  • Common English writing pitfalls – strategies to circumvent and rectify them.
  • Singulars vs. plurals and mastering subject-verb agreement.
  • Appropriate tense application.
  • Deciphering active and passive verbs and their contextual use.
  • Navigating conditional sentences (‘if…’ constructs).

Module 3: Perfecting Style, Structure, and Tone

  • Crafting objectives tailored to the target audience.
  • Blueprint of an effective report: Component breakdown, sequencing, and content mapping.
  • Articulating pivotal sections like Summary, Introduction, Conclusions, and Recommendations to highlight key messages.

Module 4: Efficient Writing Process

  • Embracing the ‘KISS’ principle to counter verbosity, redundancy, and convolution.
  • Demystifying technical jargon for a non-technical audience.
  • The one-minute management approach.
  • Utilizing outlines for time efficiency.
  • Cultivating a rhythmic writing flow.
  • Time-management hacks.

Module 5: Advanced Sentence and Paragraph Crafting Techniques

  • Constructing parallel sentences.
  • Designing paragraphs for clarity and reader ease.
  • Integrating linking words and phrases for fluidity in reports.
  • Strategically incorporating varied graphics (tables, charts, visuals).

Module 6: Concluding with Impact

  • Crafting compelling conclusions and executive summaries that underscore the crux for the audience.
  • Meticulous editing and proofreading for polished report submissions.

This training Programme runs for 2 days

Our Report Writing Skills is available in a variety of formats to best match your needs

In-House training: We bring the training to your location. Available with customized features created to meet your requirements.

Virtual Training: Delivered totally online, our virtual sessions are designed to keep participants engaged through relevant training, activities for practice, and ongoing reinforcement.


Available on request.

This course is tailored for individuals mandated to draft reports or equivalent complex documents. It’s ideal for Executives, Non-executives, Managers, and Support Staff.

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