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South African Legislation
and Policy in Public Admin

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In responding to the service delivery challenges in South Africa, Government has prepared legislations enabling a coordinated public administration of the national, provincial, and local spheres. Political and public sector officials need to understand the objectives of the legislation in order to fully facilitate the effectiveness of the administration process. This course will enable learners to conduct policy analysis and develop competence of critical thinking about public policy issue.


This course is accredited, and material covers following unit standards: 120307  Apply South African legislation and policy affecting public administration Level 5 Credits 10 120301  Formulate and evaluate public sector policies and regulations Level 5 Credits 8 119342  Apply knowledge of ethical principles, standards and professional conduct in public sector management and administration   Level 5 Credits 8.

Course Overview

The qualifying learner is capable of:

  • Explaining the core ethical values and standards which apply to the public sector.
  • The importance of ethical values and standards in relation to the public sector workplace.
  • The relevance of established professional ethics and codes of conduct in public sector administration.
  • Identifying and explaining the role of government frameworks and institutions in formulating policies and regulations
  • Identifying and interpreting public policy issues and problems and relating them to policy imperatives of the country
  • Conducting policy design through evaluation of different policy alternatives
  • Applying basic cost-benefit analysis techniques to evaluate different policy alternatives
  • Applying ethical principles to policy design and analysis
  • Financial management techniques in the implementation of sector specific policy programmes.
  • Explaining the structures of public policy making in the South Africa context.
  • Apply legislation to promote public sector management.
  • Analyse factors affecting policymaking.
  • Apply principles of good governance and ethical behaviour within a public sector setting


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  • This programme is useful to everyone working within a public sector environment or specialise in public management and administration

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