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Stockpile Management
Best Practices

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This workshop will provide the attendees with the basic knowledge of bulk material handling and stockpile management. Selected case studies will be used to cover a wide range of stockpile management and transportation challenges in South Africa. How to make sure that the best quality of product and grade comes out by managing the blending and grading of the material.


This course is non-accredited.

Course Overview

Material handing involves the process of transportation, storage and feeding and/or reclaiming the valuable commodity. The commodity quality management and control of flow of various commodities such as coal, iron ore and chromite are very important for the sustainability of the mining and energy sector. The rapid change in bulk material handling technology and government regulations on the mining industry has to be taken into consideration by people who are involved in the planning and selection of storage facilities.

The Occupational Health and Safety regulations needs to be followed in managing the stockpile effectively also ensuring that the employees are working safely, and the environment is not compromised at all.

Course Benefits

  • Understand the applicable regulatory framework to ensure compliance.
  • Understand how assets should be treated and reported under GRAP, GAAP and IFRS
  • Specifications and the application of functionality as a criterial of evaluation
  • The asset register (how the asset register works, where to obtain information from and how to update the asset register)
  • Procure assets in line with Legislative requirements
  • Understand Component accounting of assets
  • Know how to dispose components
  • Understand the basic principles of ASM
  • Track, account for and manage immovable Assets
  • Planning and Budgeting for Asset Management
  • Operation and maintenance of Asset
  • Implement the New Preferential Procurement Regulations
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the requirements of Asset Management
  • Differentiating between asset components, Repairs and Maintenance
  • Asset attachments (how to dispose the asset components and accounting for them)
  • Differentiating between Asset components, Repairs and Maintenance
  • Replacement decision of Assets
  • Transaction process between finance and asset systems
  • Capitalization of assets vs. expenditure
  • Preferential procurement of asset
  • Capitalization of assets vs. expenditure
  • Procedures for maintaining the fixed asset register

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To be updated soon.

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