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Strategic Business

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A good strategic plan paves the way about getting from point A to point B more effectively, efficiently and smoothness the growth process. This course will assist your employees on how to respond to opportunities and challenges to better accomplish the business goals and objectives.


This course is accredited, and material covers unit standards: 15216    Create opportunities for innovation and lead projects to meet innovative ideas Level 5 4 Credits 120304  Analyse, interpret and communicate information Level 5 9Credits

Course Overview

The qualifying learner is capable of:

  • Collating and categorising information.
  • Analysing information.
  • Developing conclusions and recommendations.
  • Communicating conclusions and recommendations according to organisational and legislative requirements.
  • Keeping abreast of and analyses innovations or new developments.
  • Creating opportunities for innovation.
  • Leading projects to meet new, innovative ideas.
  • Reviewing new projects/procedures to determine effectiveness


Our Strategic Business Performance is available in a variety of formats to best match your needs

In-House training: We bring the training to your location. Available with customized features created to meet your requirements.

Virtual Training: Delivered totally online, our virtual sessions are designed to keep participants engaged through relevant training, activities for practice, and ongoing reinforcement.

Available on request.

  • This programme is suitable for managers, leaders and employers who wish to fill a performance gap to improve the personal and business productivity.

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