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Strategic Procurement &
Supply Chain Management

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New skills for procurement people are becoming important for new supply chain management performance evaluation as it directly effects to organization procurement performance and cost management.


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Course Overview

Procurement and supply chain management involves a wide range of activities needed to plan, control, and execute a product flow, it consists of a series of steps from purchasing raw materials and production through distribution to the final consumer. Utilizing the right supply chain management will create a system that cut costs, increase profits, and promotes linkage between all parts of the supply chain. Companies that make use of the right supply chain strategy are well equipped to handle consumer demands, minimize cost, carry the right inventory for the needs of customers, handle any disruptions in the system effectively and ensure the smooth running of the supply chain.

To be updated soon

To be updated soon.

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  • Module 1 – Effective Commercial Negotiation
  • Module 2 – Writing Specifications
  • Module 3 – Effective Procurement Management
  • Module 4 – Legal aspects in purchasing and supply management
  • Module 5 – Ethics in procurement and supply chain management

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