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Women in Leadership Workshop

JHB | Dates: 26 - 27 July, 2023

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Women in leadership positions face particular challenges. Many
women have to actively seek out leadership opportunities and
face more rigorous challenges than men to determine their
suitability for promotion. Knowing how to adjust to the complex
demands of today’s workplace and operate in relationships with
men to share the power, pose difficulties for women.
This course will help you navigate a pathway for your future and
create your own opportunities so you can pitch for the higher
profile work in the organisation. It will advise you on fostering
mentors and sponsors as advocates to promote your worth. This
practical and interactive course is unique because it’s as much
about acquiring techniques as it is about sharing key challenges
and specific concerns, and receiving feedback and support with
others in similar situations.
You will learn to effectively deal with the pervasive and increasing
rate of change and identify opportunities arising from this. It will
be a highly interactive, practical workshop with the benefits of
shared learning with like-minded women through guided

  • Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

    • Increased Productivity: Advanced training in Microsoft Word can help you work more efficiently and save time on repetitive tasks. By learning keyboard shortcuts, macros, and other advanced features, you can complete your work faster and with fewer errors.
    • Consistent Formatting: By using styles and templates, you can ensure that your documents have a consistent and professional look. This can help you maintain your brand identity and make a positive impression on your audience.
    • Better Collaboration: Advanced training in Microsoft Word can help you work more effectively with others on a document. By using features like comments, track changes, and co-authoring, you can collaborate with colleagues and clients more easily and efficiently.
    • Improved Communication: With advanced training in Microsoft Word, you can create documents that are clearer, more concise, and more effective at communicating your message. By using features like tables of contents, cross-references, and mail merge, you can create documents that are easier to navigate and understand.

    Advanced training in Microsoft Word can help you become a more skilled and efficient user of the software, which can lead to many benefits in your personal and professional life

Take a Seat at the Table in Corporate
• Selling your strengths and creating your ‘authentic’
personal brand
• What is your special currency that sets you apart from your peers?
• What is your preferred leadership style and does it fit your current position?
• Overcoming the ‘imposter syndrome’ that plagues
women in leadership roles
• Believe that you are the right person for the promotion
• Being confident to promote yourself to your
organisation although you feel isolated with few
women at the top
• Take on the sometimes hostile ‘macho’ culture with an influential communication style
• Confront the impact of hostile work environments on
your wellbeing and learn some strategies for managing these pressures
Overcoming Female Self-Limiting Patterns
• Pitch for the higher profile jobs and don’t be stuck in the back office doing work that nobody knows about
• Promote your successes – own them and make them visible to leadership
• Frame your accomplishments in terms of what the
organisation values
• Don’t undersell your capabilities – be comfortable
championing your worth
• Don’t self-select out of more demanding roles – women
typically believe they are not ready unless they have
100% of the skills required – men will ‘give it a go’ and learn on the job
• Be resilient – take risks and learn from failures
Understanding your Sources of Personal Power
• Target the C Suite (C00, CFO, CEO)
• Look for the role models to guide and advise you and keep refreshing the pool
• Learn through case studies of other women who have
overcome great obstacles to succeed in a man’s world
• Network on this course with other like-minded women to share Power Cues: Understanding the male leadership
style and how to use this to your advantage
• Use the male ‘lens’ to understand how men in leadership positions see the world
• Understand ‘unconscious bias’ and its effect on female
career paths to leadership• Tackle the unintended gender bias in recruitment, promotion and appointments
• Men in leadership roles prefer working with those
similar in style – convince those appointing, that your
difference in style adds diversity to the role
• Analyse the differences in communication styles
between male and female leaders – know how to get
your ideas endorsed
• What can women learn from men and use to their
• Influence male senior management by cracking the
unwritten code that creates barriers for women getting ahead
• Don’t support the perception that the female
‘collaborating’ is of less value than the male ‘promoting’ style
Executive Presence: Women creating and achieving
an image of authority
• Overcome the difficulty of deciphering Executive
Presence (EP) in male dominated cultures
• Learn how to embody the winning leadership attributes
• Identify the components of executive presence in your
workplace: appearance, communication and gravitas
• Develop the skills to enable you to have greater
authority to command a room and project depth and
confidence through your voice and interpersonal skills
• Use assertive language, personal image and body
language to convey power, confidence and authority
• Be authentic and protect your personal brand
Advanced Negotiation Skills for Female Leaders
• We are all negotiators – review – what kind of negotiator are you?
• The gender pay gap – your success as a negotiator effects your pay and retirement options
• Principles of negotiation (some basic ‘rules’)
• Winning and losing: dealing with conflict
• Position bargaining versus principled bargaining
• Strategies to become a more successful negotiator
Mentoring and Sponsorship to Increase your Visibility
• Using mentoring as a career strategy for managing the unexpected and the potential
• Seek out mentors to modify your style with honest
feedback on ‘organis• Understand the importance of the ‘sponsor effect’ and seek out effective sponsors as champions
• Understand that it is sponsors who traditionally help women get their ideas endorsed
• Cultivate sponsors who can speak up in your favour and improve your chances of being offered leadership roles
• Protect the integrity of the sponsorship relationship – their brand is connected to yours Networking for Strategic Advantage
• Learn how to accomplish goals through networking
• Build networks with those different to you in
experience, interests and background
• Strategic networking: having political intelligence (PQ)
as a leadership capacity to work with multiple
• Cultivate networks with connections to decision makers to champion your worth
• Cultivate cross geographical and cross cultural networks in a global economy Building your Sphere of Influence
• Know what you have to offer your organisation
• Know what you want and where you are going
• Market your successes
• Profile yourself in front of the influencers
• Maintain the integrity of your personal brand
• Take charge of your future
• Devise an action plan for the next stage of your career
• A comprehensive manual for further reference and
• Templates for application in key communication
• Tools to use the very next day
• Manage mentoring relationships as they are
collaborative partnerships

2 Day Training


Group discounts available on request.

Hybrid Session
Live and In-class

    • This course has been designed for all professional women who are in a leadership role. It may also be beneficial for those women who are interested in a new perspective on
      leadership and reflecting on their current role. It is not suitable for those not in a leadership or management role as it will address issues specific to those in these positions.
      It will assist women who wish to enhance their personal profile, communication and interpersonal interactions and accelerate their career.

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