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Workplace Skills Plans &
Training Reports (WSP/ATR) Workshop

Johannesburg 2022 . Date TBC

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Preparing and implementing a Workplace Skills Plan can be a daunting task. For most South African companies, compiling their annual Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and submitting their Annual Training Report (ATR) is one of the biggest priorities – and often one of their biggest headaches – in the first quarter. Organisations need to search for the best possible training solutions to invest in their staff’s career paths when implementing their annual skills development plans. Keeping up to speed with industry trends and staying relevant is therefore pivotal when bridging gaps between organisations’ present realities, their skills development needs and employees’ career aspirations. Skills development is very important in South Africa, especially from a longer-term perspective.


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  • More often than not, however, organisations’ skills development needs focus on immediate needs with little consideration for change, organisational development or future anticipated skills needs. Because of this, the significance and value of skills planning and development are not always fully understood and result in skills planning and development processes that don’t fully enjoy support from the management and employees.

    Apart from being legally obliged to develop an annual WSP (under the Skills Development Act of 2003 and applicable Amendments of 2008), it provides a planned and structured approach to the type and amount of training for the year ahead based on the skills needs of an organisation. Workplace skills plans can provide organisations with an opportunity to discover talents and skills that they did not necessarily know already exist within their staff complement.

    Skills Development has been identified as a Priority Element under the New B-BBEE Codes of Good practice. This means that businesses must focus on Skills Development to achieve the requirement for each category in the element or potentially face a loss in their BEE Level, irrespective overall scoring. Join us as we provide you with the guidelines to understand the impact of the reports on the business along with training on how to complete these reports correctly. As skills development is becoming critical for survival in a rapidly changing business environment, this workshop will help you manage and implement your organisation’s WSP proactively.

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This workshop runs for 2 days

Training times can be arranged accordingly in order to cater for the client’s needs.

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