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Best Practices in Maintenance and Reliability

5 Day Training

Dates: 15 – 19 April 2024

Locations: Johannesburg, South Africa
Platform: Available In-Class / Online

Price: Available on request

This is a Non-accredited Course

Course Introduction

This dynamic 5-day Best Practices in Maintenance and Reliability program is tailored to impart comprehensive knowledge of best practices in maintenance and reliability, structured around the framework established by the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP). The curriculum is focused on translating business objectives into actionable maintenance and reliability goals, enhancing manufacturing processes, assessing and improving equipment reliability, fostering effective organizational leadership, and managing work processes efficiently. Designed for active learning and participation, this course promises a wealth of information and networking opportunities.

Course Objectives

After participating in this Best Practices in Maintenance and Reliability course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Recognize the role of maintenance and reliability in operational efficiency and stakeholder engagement.

  • Understand maintenance and reliability principles and methods, such as preventive, predictive, and reliability-cantered maintenance.

  • Utilize root cause analysis to identify failure modes and implement corrective measures.

  • Assess various maintenance and reliability strategies and select the most appropriate for specific situations.

  • Create and execute a detailed maintenance and reliability plan in line with best practices to maximize equipment efficiency.

Who should attend?

This Best Practices in Maintenance and Reliability course is recommended for professionals seeking to excel in their roles, not limited to:

  • Operations, production, and engineering VPs, managers, and supervisors

  • Maintenance directors, managers, engineers, superintendents, and personnel

  • Reliability managers and engineers

  • Manufacturing and storeroom managers

  • Continuous improvement managers

  • TPM coordinators

  • Plant engineers

Training methodology

Training Methodology

Our diverse instructional approaches ensure effective learning:

– Lectures & Presentations: Engage with expert-driven, stimulating content.
– Course Material: Access well-crafted supporting resources.
– Group Work: Collaborate on discussions and case studies for practical insights.
– Workshops & Role-Play: Participate in immersive, scenario-based activities.
– Practical Application: Focus on applying theoretical knowledge in real situations.
– Post-Training Support: Receive extensive support after training for skill implementation.

Training Outline

Module 1: Course Introduction and Business Management

  • Welcome and Course Expectations

  • Overview of Course Content and Structure

  • Ice-Breaker and Introduction Activities

  • Vision, Mission, and Business Case Development

  • Metrics and KPI Analysis

  • Change Management and Communication Strategies

  • Regulations, Environmental, Health, and Safety Considerations

Module 2: Manufacturing Process Reliability

  • Workflow Management in Maintenance

  • Process Improvement Application

  • Change Management Principles

  • Process Update Strategies

Equipment Reliability

  • Setting and Managing Reliability Goals

  • Assessing and Ensuring Equipment Reliability

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis in Equipment Management

  • Applying and Adjusting Reliability Strategies

Module 3: Leadership and Organizational Dynamics

  • Understanding Organizational Structures

  • Evaluating and Enhancing Staff Skills

  • Defining Roles and Responsibilities

  • Recruitment and Training for Optimal Capabilities

  • Developing Leadership Competencies

Module 4: Work Management

  • Work Identification and Approval

  • Work Prioritization and Planning

  • Scheduling and Execution of Work

  • Documentation and Analysis of Work Processes

  • Performance Metrics and Project Tracking

  • Information Technology in Maintenance

  • Storeroom Management Best Practices

*Note: The course will involve group discussions, case studies, and real-life scenarios to ensure practical understanding and application of the concepts taught.

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