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Accredited Training and Consulting Service Provider

At Prospen Africa, we focus on excellence, integrity, relationships, transparency, and teamwork, to ensure excellence & strive for perfection. We aim to be the preferred & trusted accredited provider of the most e-effective, agile & innovative improvement solutions, delivered in the best quality and on time. Our Promise, to you is that we commit to delivering a unique service to create lasting relationships with you.

We have managed to establish ourselves as one of the thought leaders in learnerships, trainings, Consulting services and development of training material. We combine academic and practical competence, blended with the objectivity and impartiality expected from a highly professional service.


Prospen Group For Your Training

By entrusting us to look after the training needs of you and your staff, you can be sure
that you will receive the highest quality training at a highly competitive price.

Our Vision

To be the preferred & trusted provider of the most effective, agile & innovative improvement solutions delivered at the best quality on time.

Our Mission

To focus on exclusive service delivery to the complete satisfaction of our clients & the creation & sustenance of concrete relationships with both our strategic partners & clients.

Our Promise

We commit to deliver a unique service that leaves a mark which automatically creates lasting relationships.

Our Values

· Excellence
· Integrity
· Relationships
· Transparency
· Team work, for Excellence & Perfection.

about prospen africa

Our commitment

As indicated above, Prospen Africa has over time built a culture of satisfying service delivery and a special dedication to excellence as its core and number one value.

The company is founded on Lean principles of:

“Always putting the customers’ needs first”; – “doing everything with the customer in mind” and -“ensuring that we deliver value to our end customers.

Our Accreditations

Our Solution

HR Consulting

We offers a comprehensive labour and industrial relations services for business.

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Short Courses

We offers a wide range of customized Training & learning solutions to persons of all levels in any type of organisation.

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The local mining industry is increasingly pressured to develop and implement a SLP to sustain and promote employment.

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Allow the learner to experience and understand the workplace dynamics.

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