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What Sets Us Apart

Recognized Accredited Provider

Prospen Africa provides training in partnership with leading accreditaion and professional bodies.

High Quality Facilitators

Prospen's facilitators are carefully chosen for their blend of exceptional presentation skills, extensive industry expertise, and deep understanding of learning and development practices.

Expert Help and Advice

For further information about our services and training options available, our customer service team are available to help.

Choice and Range

As a result, we are able to offer you a wide range of relevant, up-to-date training and we are confident that you will be able to find a seminar to suit you, whatever your training need.

Our Approach to Learning

We are a customer driven training provider, and we value the needs of our clients hence we seek to provide various learning platforms.

  • In- class / Online

    Join our Open Enrolment Courses in-person or live online for a flexible and comprehensive learning experience—never miss out on valuable education.

  • On-Demand E-Learning Courses

    On-demand courses give you complete control over your training experience. Choose your course. Choose your preferred start date. Define the pace you would like to learn. Then simply access whenever and from wherever you are. Our platform gives you full control.

  • In-house Training for Diverse Needs

    Prospen Africa offers custom-designed training to meet any organisational need, ensuring impactful and effective learning outcomes.

Our Approach to Learning

Prospen Africa’s 5 step Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

Step 1: Organizational Diagnostic Exercise

Conduct an in-depth analysis to understand the current state of the organization and identify areas for improvement

Step 3: Execution Facilitation

Implement the developed solutions while ensuring alignment with strategic objectives and facilitating stakeholder engagement

Step 5: Monitoring and Evaluation of Execution

Continuously track and review the execution process to ensure objectives are met, making adjustments as needed for ongoing improvements

Step 2: Research & Develop a Tailer-made Solution

Create customized solutions based on the diagnostic findings that align with the organisation’s specific needs.

Step 4: Impact & ROI Measurement

Assess the effectiveness of the implemented solutions by measuring their impact and calculating the return on investment

Choose from a wide rage of our Accredited and Non-Accredited Trainings

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Our Venues

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For Enquiries, Please feel free to Chat with us via WhatsApp or the Live Chat. We have a friendly team of consultants ready to assist you.


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