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in-house training

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In-house Training refers to a structured learning program conducted within the premises of an organization for its employees. Unlike external training programs held in off-site locations, Prospen Africa’s in-house training takes place directly at the company’s facilities. This approach allows organizations to tailor the training content to their specific needs, aligning it with the company’s goals, values, and industry requirements.

Want to bring Prospen-Africa course to your organization?
If your team is in need of assistance with bridging a skill
gap or requires a refresher on industry best practices, we
can assist by providing on-site training directly to your

in-house training
in-house training

Prospen Africa Offers You a Quality-Based Training Programme, Including

  • Cost Savings

    Register 10 people or more and receive discounted price off each additional registration. Plus, incur no travel and accommodation expenses.

  • Convenience

    We bring the training to your workplace or location of choice, allowing you to coordinate around your work schedules, and eliminate travel time.

  • Productivity

    Staff can immediately apply their new skills on-the-job for maximum ROI.

  • Experts

    Training is facilitated by instructors with extensive knowledge and industry experience.

  • Impact

    Content can be customized making the information applicable specifically to your organisation opening discussion amongst staff to your existing projects to determine a course of action.

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The Process

Step 1

Contact us with your In-House Training Course Inquiry

Step 2

Detailed Review of your specific requirements by In-House Team

Step 3

Development of customized contents based on the scope of

Step 4

Submission of our technically
precise and competitive
commercial proposal

Step 5

Confirmation of Proposal and
selection of mutually agreeable training dates

Step 6

Effective Implementation of In-House Training

Step 7

Action Plan and Post Course Follow-Up

Training Quality Assurance

When planning for an in-house program, we ensure that the training design clearly matches the specific needs that you and your organisation have identified.


The specific training content that is developed is then presented by one of our highly specialist Facilitator who draw on their personal experience using real world examples and practical applications to help participants connect with and understand the concepts being taught.


This effective combination of high quality training content and tutor’s in-depth experience immensely develops participants’ potential, leading to added organisational value.

Customer Testimonials

"Being able to customize the course to our needs helped structure everything."

Maipelo Ceda Botswana
in-house training avator

"Good value for an in-house training"

Pontsho Jamela Dept Of Treasury
in-house training avator

"Accommodated coming to our office, That was key"

Jabulile Sibanyoni Mpumalanga
in-house training avator

"The customized content of the course was great. This will help with my job and i would recommend this course to my peers"

Eben Road Authority, Namibia
in-house training avator
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