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Construction Safety Management

Johannesburg 2022 . Date TBC

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The purpose of the course is to gain knowledge, understanding and competency on various theories and practices of construction safety management. The course introduces learners to construction safety and health, importance of job-site safety, occupational Health in Construction, theory of Accidents, and the management of safety and health in construction through the lens of risk management, OHSAS 18001 principles. The course then introduces students to the concept of Building Information Modeling (BIM) as a solution to enhance safety management in construction sites.


This course is an accredited

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • On successful completion of this course the student will be able to Understand the need and
  • importance of safety management in construction projects.
  • Identify various safety related responsibilities among the project stakeholders and allocate the
  • responsibilities for job site safety and health.
  • Perform a safety risk analysis.
  • Implement worker health and safety processes and procedures through the development of site
  • safety plans and inculcate the safety culture.
  • Identify the hazardous conditions in construction site.
  • Suggest mitigation plans with various safety best practices and techniques.
  • Interpret the OSHAS 18001 principles and clauses.
  • Interpret the Building Information Modeling (BIM)’s role in enhancing safety in construction sites.

This masterclass runs for 3 days

Training times can be arranged accordingly in order to cater for the client’s needs.

Available on request.

The courses will benefit project managers, construction managers, quantity surveyors, engineers, housing officials, facilities managers, researchers and academics, environmentalists, public and private sector clients, and other stakeholders in the built environment.

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