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Enhancing Workplace Performance through Positive Organizational Culture

JHB | Dates: 29 February - 01 March | 10 - 11 June 2024

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To equip participants with knowledge and understanding of the relationship between organizational culture and workplace performance and to provide practical strategies for fostering a positive organizational culture to enhance productivity and employee satisfaction.

  • Enhanced understanding of the impact of organizational culture on workplace performance.
  • Strategies and practical knowledge to foster and maintain a positive organizational culture.
  • Insights into aligning organizational culture with business strategies and goals.
  • Improved team cohesion and employee engagement.

Day 1: Understanding Organizational Culture
Introduction to Organizational Culture
• Definition and Importance
• Elements and Types of Organizational Culture Assessing Organizational Culture
• Tools and Techniques for Assessing Culture
• Interpreting Assessment Results Organizational Culture and Performance
• The Impact of Culture on Performance
• Real-world Examples and Case Studies

Day 2: Shaping Organizational Culture
Creating a Positive Organizational Culture
• Core Values and Beliefs
• Role of Leadership in Shaping Culture Aligning Culture with Strategy
• Strategy-Culture Fit
• Adaptation and Alignment Techniques Building Strong Teams
• The Role of Teams in Organizational Culture
• Developing High-Performance Teams

Day 3: Sustaining Positive Organizational Culture
Monitoring and Assessing Organizational Culture
• Ongoing Assessment Tools
• Employee Feedback and Improvement Strategies Change Management
• Leading Cultural Change
• Managing Resistance to Change Action Planning
• Developing an Action Plan for Cultural Enhancement
• Implementation and Evaluation

Interactive Elements:
• Group Discussions and Brainstorming Sessions
• Case Studies and Real-world Examples
• Q&A and Feedback Sessions


3 Day Training

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Hybrid Session
Live and In-class

Professionals interested in organizational development, managers, HR professionals, and team leaders.

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