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FA1 Recording Financial Transactions

FA1 Recording Financial Transactions

FA1 Recording Financial Transactions

The FA1 paper serves as an introduction to basic accounting principles and practices.

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Classes start on
July 2024


FA1 aims to provide a solid foundation in the principles and techniques of financial accounting, laying the groundwork for more advanced accounting studies. The knowledge gained in this paper is essential for anyone pursuing a career in accounting or finance.

How it works?

The class schedule follows fast-paced schedule and work your way through a series of video lectures, online practice test questions and assessments, designed to get you exam ready.


ACCA Classes happen once a week per module, over a 12-week period. Which consists of 8 classes learning and 4 classes for revision. Each class is 3 hours with a short break in between.


Weekend classes will start provisionally on the July 2024, and weekday evening classes commencing on the July 2024. A final timetable will be shared just before official classes start with the relevant modules that you will have decided to start with in your ACCA journey.

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