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High Voltage Safety Training

Johannesburg | DateTBC

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The Course provides practical hands-on exercises on an actual High Voltage Panel comprising of Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Earthing switch along with the associated interlocks, Potential and Current transformers, Bus Bar chamber and Low Voltage Safety Relay panel, thus familiarizing the participants with High-Voltage equipment and the various safety procedures for handling the same.


This course is non-accredited.

  • The course aims to provide an Electrical technician at Management Level the skills and knowledge to manage the operation and safety of High Voltage (HV) Installations in a factory or plant scenario and is divided into 4:

    • Understanding of the principles and concept of Electric Propulsion and Control System which are used.
    • Understand the risks management in High Voltage.
    • Know the safe protection gears available and how to use them properly.
    • Understand the safety procedures and management in HV operation and maintenance.

This workshop runs for 3 days

Training times can be arranged accordingly in order to cater for the client’s needs.

Available on request.

Holders of CoCs Class 1 or Class 2 Engineer Officer with no prior experience on High Voltage Installations and Electrical Engineers working on Installations.


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