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HR Strategy, Talent Management And Succession Planning

JHB | Dates: 5 - 9 June, 2023

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This course explores performance from many facets of an
organization. We will take you on a journey from a strategic view right
through to the individual, exploring performance from many angles to
gain insights into what really works in organizations today. Your
organization’s greatest asset might be your staff, however if your fail
nurture the talent within your organization you will start to lose your
greatest assets. This course gives you the skills needed to preserve
and grow these assets. Any effective talent management programme
within your organization must be built upon a strong talent
management strategy. This course will develop your skills in crafting an
effective talent management strategy. The best performing
organizations in the world all ensure there is adequate continuity
especially at the leadership level. This course will develop your ability
to design and deploy an effective succession management
programme. The course will wrap with a summary of the key learning
points, followed by an action planning exercise with a view to apply the
acquired knowledge and skills immediately upon your return to work.
Post-course support is also available in relation to the implementation
of your action plan, up to six (6) months following course completion.

  • The strategic nature of HR.
    • The process of formulating and implementing organizational development strategy.
    • The meaning and significance of human capital management (HCM).
    • The approaches to the development of knowledge management strategies.
    • Appreciate the importance of Talent management and succession planning in
    • Develop successful talent management and succession planning strategies.
    • Understand a the use of talent management and succession planning tools at your
    • Implement an Action Plan at your workplace using the knowledge and skills acquired
    through the course.

Performance Management Strategy
• Common Challenges with Performance Management
• The Performance Cycle
• Effective Ways to improve Performance
The Employee Engagement Cycle
• Recruitment and Selection
• Induction
• Discipline and Grievance
Organizational Culture and Change
• The Competency Concept
• Developing a Coaching Culture
• Emotional Intelligence
Reward and its Impact on Performance
• What is acceptable performance?
• The evolving organizational role of employment culture
• Money and its’ Impact on Motivation
• The 3 Drivers of Performance
Talent Management Essentials
• Defining talent management
• The elements of talent management
• Talent attraction, development and retention
• Career managementTalent Management Strategy
• What is talent? And what is talent management?
• The talent management process
• Crafting an effective talent management strategy
• Deploying your talent management strategy
Succession Planning
• Defining succession planning
• Strategic succession planning
• Your leadership pipeline
• Succession planning programme evaluation
Talent Management and Succession Planning Toolkit
• Conducting an environmental scan
• Gap analysis identifying critical positions
• Critical success factors
Course Review
• Summary and recap of key learning objectives
• Action Planning

5 – Day Workshop


Group discounts available on request.

In class, In house & Online

    • This course is suitable for:
    •  Heads of HR functions
    •  HR directors
    •  HR business partners
    •  Senior HR executives, managers, advisors and officers who wish to contribute to the development and implementation of HR strategy.
    • • Chief officers, Chairpersons, Board members, Company directors,
    • Heads of Departments, and all those at the highest levels of an
      organization interested in developing an in-depth knowledge of
      strategic HRM.

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