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Mastering Conflict Management and Resolution

JHB | Dates: 05 - 06 March | 13 - 14 May 2024

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This intensive training program is designed to equip participants with the essential skills, strategies, and insights necessary for managing and resolving conflicts effectively. The course blends theoretical knowledge with practical applications, providing participants with hands-on experience in navigating various conflict scenarios, ensuring the harmonious and productive interpersonal environment.

Upon completing this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand Conflict Dynamics: Grasp the underlying causes, dynamics, and types of conflict to address them more effectively.
  2. Apply Conflict Resolution Strategies: Utilise various strategies and techniques to manage and resolve conflicts successfully.
  3. Enhance Communication Skills: Communicate more assertively and empathetically to de-escalate tensions and facilitate resolution.
  4. Foster Positive Relationships: Create a conducive environment for positive interpersonal relationships and collaborative work.
  5. Reflect on Real-World Scenarios: Analyse and learn from real-world conflict situations and apply learned strategies in practical settings.

Understanding Conflict

  • Introduction to Conflict Management: Definition, types, and stages of conflict.
  • Conflict Analysis: Identifying causes and dynamics of conflicts.
    Case Study Discussion: Analysing a conflict scenario to understand its dynamics and root causes.

Conflict Resolution Strategies & Communication Skills

  • Conflict Resolution Techniques: Exploration of various conflict resolution strategies.
  • Effective Communication in Conflict: Learning assertiveness and active listening.
  • Role Play Activity: Practical application of conflict resolution strategies and communication skills.

Case Study Analysis: Examining the application of resolution strategies in a real-world scenario.

Building Positive Interpersonal Relationships & Action Planning

  • Fostering Positive Relationships: Strategies to build and maintain harmonious relationships.
  • Action Planning: Developing individualized plans for applying learned conflict management strategies.
  • Group Activity: Collaborative exercise to apply relationship-building strategies.
    Case Study Discussion: Reflection on fostering positive relationships in a conflict scenario.

Case Studies Included:

  1. Interdepartmental Conflict: Analysing a scenario involving conflicts between different departments and exploring resolution strategies.
  2. Employee-Employee Conflict: Understanding the dynamics of peer-to-peer conflict and applying appropriate resolution techniques.
  3. Manager-Employee Conflict: Examining conflicts involving power dynamics and exploring resolution strategies.


Available on request

Hybrid Session
Live and In-class

  • Managers and supervisors who oversee teams.
  • HR professionals managing interpersonal relations and organizational culture.
  • Mediators and individuals in conflict resolution roles.
  • Employees at any level seeking to enhance their conflict management skills.
  • Individuals looking to improve their interpersonal relationships both professionally and personally.

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