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Out-of-the-Box Thinking and Problem Solving with PRISM

2 Day Training

Dates: 06 – 07 June 2024
Locations: Johannesburg, South Africa
Platform: Available In-Class / Online

Price: Available on request

This is a Non-accredited Course

Course Introduction

This interactive Out-of-the-Box Thinking and Problem Solving with PRISM workshop provides executives and managers with innovative tools and techniques to enhance their problem-solving skills. The PRISM© approach integrates creative thinking with structured problem-solving, encouraging participants to think unconventionally while also employing analytical rigor.

Course Objectives

Participants will exit the Out-of-the-Box Thinking and Problem Solving with PRISM workshop empowered to:

  • Cultivate an “Out-of-the-Box” thinking mentality.

  • Accurately diagnose problems and view them from multiple perspectives.

  • Establish clear objectives for problem-solving initiatives.

  • Master efficient and inventive techniques for developing unique solutions.

  • Formulate a strategic plan to implement and sustain creative solutions.

Who should attend?

  • Professionals facing complex business challenges.

  • Individuals seeking structured yet creative methods for achieving outstanding problem-solving outcomes.

Training methodology

Training Methodology

Our diverse instructional approaches ensure effective learning:

– Lectures & Presentations: Engage with expert-driven, stimulating content.
– Course Material: Access well-crafted supporting resources.
– Group Work: Collaborate on discussions and case studies for practical insights.
– Workshops & Role-Play: Participate in immersive, scenario-based activities.
– Practical Application: Focus on applying theoretical knowledge in real situations.
– Post-Training Support: Receive extensive support after training for skill implementation.

Training Outline

Module 1: Innovation Champion Fundamentals

  • Embracing the role of innovation in professional development.

Module 2: Understanding Creativity and “The Box”

  • Exploring the essence of creativity in business and personal growth.

  • Debunking the myths of creativity and understanding its nature.

  • Strategies to break free from traditional thinking patterns.

Module 3: The Creativity Mindset

  • Techniques to challenge existing assumptions.

  • Customer-centric approaches to innovation.

  • Engaging in opportunity thinking for growth.

Module 4: Creative Problem Solving with P.R.I.S.M.©

P – Problem Illumination and Opportunity Identification

  • Identifying challenges and spotting opportunities using effective tools.

  • Understanding the broader context and root causes of problems.

  • Utilizing the Five Whys and Cause-and-Effect Diagram for clarity.

R – Results Definition

  • Employing scenario planning and guided visioning to define desired outcomes.

I – Imagining Solutions

  • Generating a breadth of ideas with brainwriting and mind mapping.

  • SCAMPER technique and other innovative thinking tools.

S – Selecting and Implementing Solutions

  • Prioritizing ideas using Affinity Diagramming and the NUF Test.

  • Planning for implementation with reverse brainstorming and checklists.

M – Monitoring Performance and Optimization

  • Prototyping and pilot testing to refine solutions.

  • Strategies for securing stakeholder buy-in and support.

Interactive Activities:

  • Practical exercises for each stage of PRISM©.

  • Group discussions to foster collaborative problem solving.

  • Role-play scenarios to practice innovative thinking and solution design.

Reflection and Action Planning:

  • Summarizing the day’s learning and identifying personal action items.

  • Strategies for implementing PRISM© methodologies in the workplace.

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