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Course Introduction

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, it’s essential to adapt and equip yourself with the skills needed for successful sales and business development. This training program is designed to help you gain the knowledge and insights required to understand your customers and their decision-making processes. These skills will enable you to approach your work more professionally and, ultimately, lead to increased sales.


This intensive five-day professional course is a transformational experience for individuals involved in business development, sales, and relationship building. Participants will learn proven techniques that empower them to create outstanding sales plans and exceed sales targets. Led by experienced professionals in the field, this course is a culmination of their expertise, aimed at helping you achieve your sales objectives.


Key Learning Objectives:

Throughout this training, you will acquire a diverse set of skills and techniques, including:

  • Mastering the right sales mindset and client-focused approach.

  • Enhancing personal and group presentation skills to boost confidence.

  • Implementing business development strategies for sustainable growth.

  • Effective cross-selling and upselling techniques.

  • Handling sales objections and closing deals with finesse.

  • Identifying and developing essential sales skills.

Course Objectives

During this training, you will:

  • Learn techniques to understand customer motivations and aspirations.

  • Discover strategies for succeeding in business development and improving sales performance.

  • Establish long-lasting business relationships with key customers.

  • Match product solutions to individual customer needs and buying styles.

  • Excel in selling, upselling, and cross-selling across diverse customer groups.

  • Navigate objections and sales stalls effectively.

  • Redefine your selling process for enhanced business development.

  • Shorten sales cycles with impactful questioning techniques.

  • Create compelling proposals that outshine the competition.

  • Enhance personal confidence, performance consistency, and professionalism.

Who should attend?

This training course is ideal for:

  • Sales Executives

  • Sales Professionals

  • Sales Managers

  • Account Managers

  • Relationship Managers

  • Business Development Specialists

  • Anyone looking to improve their sales skills and achieve better results.

Training methodology

Training Methodology

Our diverse instructional approaches ensure effective learning:

– Lectures & Presentations: Engage with expert-driven, stimulating content.
– Course Material: Access well-crafted supporting resources.
– Group Work: Collaborate on discussions and case studies for practical insights.
– Workshops & Role-Play: Participate in immersive, scenario-based activities.
– Practical Application: Focus on applying theoretical knowledge in real situations.
– Post-Training Support: Receive extensive support after training for skill implementation.

Training Outline

Introduction to Sales and Business Development

  • Role of a professional salesperson.

  • Recognizing the six main stages of the buying process.

  • Importance of a sales mindset and attitude.


Advanced Communication Skills for Increased Sales

  • Overcoming communication barriers.

  • Active listening and questioning skills.

  • Effective telephone communication.

  • Interpreting body language and gestures.

  • Impact of body language on sales results.

  • Business writing skills.

  • Crafting flawless stories.

Progressive Skillset for Top Results

  • Understanding emotional intelligence.

  • Developing confidence, authenticity, and likability.

  • Time management for salespeople.

  • Stress management techniques.

  • Personal branding in sales.

  • Product knowledge.

New Business Development Planning, Preparation, and Execution

  • Understanding target customers.

  • Researching clients, markets, and customer spheres.

  • Setting SMART business development objectives.

  • Prospecting best practices.

  • Creating prospecting scripts.

  • Mastering cold calls and cold emails.

  • Qualifying prospects and prioritization.

  • Making successful sales appointments.

Sales Presentation and Group Selling Skills

  • Structuring effective presentations.

  • PowerPoint presentation tips.

  • Overcoming stage fright.

  • Using voice effectively.

  • Customizing presentations for individuals and groups.

  • Avoiding presentation pitfalls.

Increasing Sales through Cross-Selling, Upselling, and Advanced Techniques

  • Questioning techniques to identify customer needs.

  • Choosing the right approach for upselling and cross-selling.

  • Increasing customer order volume and value.

  • Selling across cultures and practices.

  • Selling to the board (C Level).

Competent Handling of Objections and Stalls

  • Objection prevention.

  • Successful objection handling techniques.

  • Types of objections.

  • Handling common objections like “Price.”

  • Nine closing techniques.

  • Preparing for customer stalls.

Proposals & Sales Negotiations

  • Evaluating proposals from the customer’s perspective.

  • Minimizing lost proposals.

  • Understanding negotiation reasons.

  • Applying negotiation techniques for various situations.

Dealing With Difficult Clients

  • Handling problem clients.

  • Dealing with different types of difficult buyers.

  • Avoiding common mistakes when handling objections.

Winning the Business

  • Closing styles that align with your personality and client’s buying style.

  • Overcoming the fear of asking for business.

  • Handling delayed sales proposals.

  • Practical exercises for confident sales closure.

  • Winning back lost business.

  • Post-sale relationship management.

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