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What’s New – Excel 365

1 Day Training

Dates: 05 June | 26 August 2024
Locations: Johannesburg, South Africa
Platform: Available In-Class / Online

Price: Available on Request

Course Introduction

Excel 2021 for Windows allows you to collaboratively work with others and analyze data easily with new Excel capabilities including co-authoring, Dynamic Arrays, XLOOKUP, and LET functions. In mid-2020, Microsoft 365 launched a series of new formulas and functions for Excel, focusing on the capabilities on Dynamic Arrays (Excels new calculation engine)


Microsoft 365 (previously known and packaged as Office 365) is the way most organisations now subscribe to continuous updates of versions of Excel, Word, and the other “Office” products. Data analysis in Excel for Microsoft 365 has become simpler than ever. Powerful new functions that are available including:




  • SORT


Course Objectives

Upon completion of Excel 365 course, participants will be able to:

  1. Stay Updated: Excel 365 frequently introduces new tools and features. Understanding these updates ensures you’re leveraging the latest capabilities, staying current with technological advancements.

  2. Enhanced Productivity: New features often aim to streamline workflows and improve efficiency. Learning these updates can significantly boost productivity by introducing more efficient ways to accomplish tasks.

  3. Advanced Data Analysis: Excel 365 updates might include more advanced data analysis tools, enabling users to perform complex analyses and visualize data in innovative ways.

  4. Cloud Integration: Excel 365 often integrates more seamlessly with cloud services. Learning these updates allows for better collaboration and accessibility of spreadsheets across devices and locations.

Who should attend?

All Excel users. Anyone interested in saving huge amounts of time in their daily use of Excel. Business professionals who use Excel to analyse data and create reports. Managers that want to learn how to create interactive reports using dynamic array formulas.

Microsoft office courses

Training Methodology

Our diverse instructional approaches ensure effective learning:

– Lectures & Presentations: Engage with expert-driven, stimulating content.
– Course Material: Access well-crafted supporting resources.
– Group Work: Collaborate on discussions and case studies for practical insights.
– Workshops & Role-Play: Participate in immersive, scenario-based activities.
– Practical Application: Focus on applying theoretical knowledge in real situations.
– Post-Training Support: Receive extensive support after training for skill implementation.

Training Outline

The new Excel Engine (Dynamic Array Excel)

  • How you write formula will change forever

  • XLOOKUP, why it will kill off VLOOKUP and INDEX MATCH

  • Understanding impacts of using the new functions



  • SORT



  • #

  • How to handle #SPILL errors

Other Recent Features Plus Tips & Tricks

  • Stock and Geography Data Types


  • Stacked Chart Totals

  • How to add Traffic Light Icons

  • Why to use Tables whenever you can

  • Much more…

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